Welcome to Valencia Custom Shower Doors

We at Valencia Custom Shower Doors believe in excellent customer service.  We stand behind our installations and offer low, fair prices every day no matter what.  Home improvement is stressful enough without having to worry about being overcharged and cheated out of your warranty because you didn't save every little scrap of paper.  We are a family business and we are part of this community; we are very active with the schools and various volunteer oportunities around town.  We WILL see you again and we want it to be a happy reunion!

What if you don't need a whole custom shower enclosure?  Times are tough right now.  Maybe your old door just needs some minor adjustments or new weatherstrip or other minor repair.  We are happy to do this for you! Our objective is not to upsell our customers but to make them happy!  This is how you earn a customer for life!  So whether you need a ten dollar part or a thousand dollar custom enclosure, you can expect to be treated to the same friendly service.

We welcome the chance to work with you.  Valencia Custom Shower Doors -- the honest, family-owned, local glass shop.